Terms of services

1. Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service

The ownership and operation rights of each network service on the ESSMA.INFO website are owned by this website. This website is in accordance with these Terms of Service and the operating rules published from time to time. In addition, when users use the ESSMA.INFO website classification services, users should agree to the entire content of the Terms of Service and abide by the rules and points related to the service. All of the foregoing rules and highlights form part of these Terms of Service. Users must fully agree to all terms of service and complete the registration process in order to become an official customer of the Thine website.

2. Service Description


The specific content of the network service is provided by the RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED according to the actual situation.
RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED only provides users with relevant network services. Users must have their own equipment (such as a personal computer, mobile phone or other necessary Internet access device) and the required fees (such as network fees, mobile phone charges, etc.).
Based on the importance of the services provided by the RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED, users should agree to:

  •  Provide detailed and accurate personal information.

  •  Continuously update the registration materials to meet timely, detailed and accurate requirements.


3. Change, interruption or termination of the service

In view of the particularity of the network service, the user agrees that the RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED reserves the right to change, discontinue or terminate some or all of the RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED (including the charging network service) at any time.
For the normal operation of the website, the RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED periodically or irregularly repairs or maintains the network service platform or related equipment, causing the network service to be interrupted. The RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED will try its best to avoid service interruption or interruption time in the shortest time. RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED is not responsible for any interruption of service within a reasonable time.

ESSMA.INFO reserves the right to discontinue or terminate the provision of network services to users at any time without the occurrence of any liability to users or third parties:

  • The information provided by the user is not true;

  • The user violates the relevant provisions of these Terms of Service;

  • The user fails to pay the corresponding service fee to the ESSMA.INFO when using the charging network service.

4. Online registration

When users apply to use the ESSMA.INFO service, they must provide accurate personal information to the ESSMA.INFO. If there is any change in the personal information, it must be updated in time. Once the user successfully registers and becomes a legitimate user of the ESSMA.INFO, he will get a password and username. Each user is solely responsible for all activities and events conducted under their username.
The User hereby agrees to accept the ESSMA.INFO to send promotional or other relevant business information to the User by email or other means.
Under the premise of not disclosing the private information of individual users, RHYTHM POLYMERS PRIVATE LIMITED has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database.

5. Username, user password, and security

The user will be fully responsible for the security of the username and password. The user can change the user’s password at any time according to the prompt. Users should not transfer or lend their account number or password to others. If the user finds that the account has been illegally used by others or has a security breach, the ESSMA.INFO should be notified immediately. ESSMA.INFO does not assume any responsibility for the illegal use of accounts and passwords due to hacking or negligence of users.

6. User privacy system


Respecting and protecting the privacy of users is a basic policy of the ESSMA.INFO. Things will no longer disclose user registration data and non-public content saved by users on the ESSMA.INFO without the authorization of legitimate users, except for the following cases:

  •  Implementing explicit authorization from the user;

  •  According to the relevant laws and regulations or the requirements of relevant government authorities;

  • The need to maintain the public interest of society;

  • To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Thine network.


7. Management of users


Users must adhere to the following principles:

  • Comply with relevant international laws and regulations;

  • Comply with all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices that use network services;

  • The network service system shall not be used for any illegal purpose;

  • Do not transmit any illegal information such as harassing, slanderous, abusive, intimidating, obscene, inciting others to commit crimes;

  • Do not infringe the patent, copyright, trademark, reputation or any other legal rights of any other third party;

  • Do not use the ESSMA.INFO service system to conduct any behavior that is not conducive to the ESSMA.INFO;

  • Do not interfere with or disrupt network services;

  • You may not enter other computer systems illegally without permission.

Users are solely responsible for their actions on the Internet. If the user’s behavior does not comply with the above terms of service, ESSMA.INFO has the right to make an independent judgment and immediately cancel the user service account. If the user walks and disseminates reactionary, pornographic or other violations of the law on the ESSMA.INFO website, the system record of the ESSMA.INFO may be As evidence that the user violated the law.
ESSMA.INFO is not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of information posted by users. ESSMA.INFO reserves the right to determine whether the user’s actions comply with the requirements of laws and regulations and the requirements of the Terms of Service. If the user violates the provisions of laws and regulations or the terms of service, ESSMA.INFO has the right to interrupt the service.

8. Ownership of web service content

The network services defined by the ESSMA.INFO include texts provided by the Thine network, software sounds, pictures, videos, charts, and other content provided by the ESSMA.INFO. All of this content is protected by copyright, trademark or other property ownership laws. Therefore, users may only use the Content under the authority of the ESSMA.INFO and related rights holders, and may not copy, reproduce, adapt or otherwise use the Content or use the Content for other commercial purposes.

9. Disclaimer

The user agrees to assume full risk to the use of the ESSMA.INFO service and assumes full risk to all consequences arising out of the use of the ESSMA.INFO service. The ESSMA.INFO does not assume any type of guarantee or assume any responsibility to the user. ESSMA.INFO does not guarantee that the network service will meet the requirements of the users, nor guarantee that the network services will not be interrupted, and the timeliness security and accuracy of the services are not guaranteed. ESSMA.INFO does not assume any responsibility for network service interruptions or other defects caused by force majeure or the failure or control of the ESSMA.INFO network but will try its best to reduce the losses and impacts caused to the users.

10. Liability for damages

The User agrees to protect and maintain the interests of the Thine Network and other users. If the User violates the relevant laws, regulations or any terms of these Terms of Service and causes damage to the Thine Network or any other third party, the User agrees to bear the liability for damages caused thereby. The ESSMA.INFO is not responsible for any direct, indirect or incidental damages caused by the use of the Network Services by users. These damages may come from improper use of network services, shopping for goods on the Internet or performing the same type of services, trading on the website, illegal Information transmitted using web services or users has changed.

11. Applicable law

The conclusion, implementation, and interpretation of these Terms of Service and resolution of disputes shall be governed by the International Trade Law. If the Terms of Service are inconsistent with the International Trade Law, the Terms will be amended as required by law, while the other terms will remain valid and have legal effect. In the event of a dispute between the parties regarding the content of this Terms of Service or its execution, the parties shall try to resolve it through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit in the People’s Court where the ESSMA.INFO is located.